About The Life Changers Project

The Life Changers Project (LCP) is designed with a dual purpose: to display gratitude to those who have made an impact in our lives and to help us create the future we’ve imagined. There are two ways to do it, but the ultimate mission of both projects is the same: to Cause Some Good.

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Our Past Is Our Path.

For those who have impacted our past, we begin a letter-writing campaign, sending those special people (our Life Changers) a handwritten letter telling them how they’ve affected our lives. The goal is to make their impact known and to make them feel good about it, knowing that they have made a difference. We remind them that they, too, can create a Life Changers Project of their own.

Create The Life You’ve Imagined.

We have a personal responsibility to take control of our own personal growth. The greatest life we can imagine is available to us, but no one will make that leap for us. This side of the Life Changers Project puts you at the center. The content you absorb will guide you toward maximizing your potential — it will lay out the blueprint. From there it’s up to you to make your dreams a reality.

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Getting Started Is Easy.

The best part about the Life Changers Project is that anyone can do it. Your eligibility is not determined by your age, income, status, race, gender, or job title. If you have had Life Changers (we all have), and you want to acknowledge them in a unique way (we all should), then you are eligible. Or, if you want more out of life and are looking for help getting started on a more fulfilling path, then we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s writing letters or embarking on your hero’s journey, I encourage you to consider starting your own Life Changers Project. It’s easy, it’s free, and the impact for both you and your Life Changers can be, well…life changing.

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About RJ

The Life Changers Project was created by RJ Licata, a digital marketer, author, blogger, and family man.

The author of two books, Lessons for Joey: 100 Things I Can’t Wait to Teach My Son and Where Greatness Lives, a children’s book with an inspiring message, RJ sometimes writes on his blog Lessons and Love.

He has been published on The Good Dad Project and in the book Dads Behaving Dadly.

RJ lives in East Syracuse, NY with his wife Danielle and their three children, Joey, Gianna, and Gabby.

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