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5 fast-food restaurants attract tourists to the US

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5 fast-food restaurants attract tourists to the US: Subway, McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King. 

1. Subway

Subway has nearly 40,000 fast food outlets in more than 100 countries around the globe. The most popular dish among locals and visitors is sandwiched with meat or sausages served with raw vegetables, tomatoes or cucumbers with sauce. This is a fast-food restaurant that visitors should visit first when traveling to the US to enjoy the delicious food here.

2. McDonald's

McDonald's is not only famous in the US but has reached out to the world. McDonald's is constantly improving its dishes as well as its service. The best food here is hamburgers, and every day, this chain serves more than 70 million consumers worldwide.

3. KFC

Every year, KFC serves more than a billion meals to consumers around the world. KFC's fried breaded chicken is the best dish of KFC, with a secret recipe that creates a special delicious taste. Stopping to try fried chicken in any KFC store is a very interesting experience on visitors' US tours.

4. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the most famous and largest pizza brand in the world. Pizza Hut is known by many people for the variety of its products, famous for its thick and thin pizzas. Currently, Pizza Hut has appeared in over 100 countries and territories with over 13,000 stores. With the constant change to renew ourselves and meet more customers' expectations. Pizza Hut is always the first choice of consumers when they want to enjoy this dish.

5. Burger King

More than half a century ago, a fast-food brand was born with the name Burger King. With the motto "Taste is King," this chain of stores offers dishes with excellent taste, but the most special is still the famous Whopper cake, which is considered the symbol of the entire chain of stores. Currently, Burger King has thousands of stores all over the world.