Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to some of our most common questions.

What is Life Changers Project, anyway?

Life Changers Project is a movement to encourage people to identify the individual people and specific moments which have dramatically impacted their lives in a positive way. You can read more about it here.

How much does it cost?

The Life Changers Project is 100% free to do and always will be. We’re developing products which will help to boost your project in various ways, but the core act of writing letters and calling it a Life Changers Project is completely free.

Why does it have to be handwritten?

The most important piece of the Life Changer Project is the personal connection that comes from sending and receiving the letters. Handwritten letters are great because they are personal, but preservable. In a time when couples break up via text message and employees quit their job through an email, there’s something to be said when a person makes the time and effort to write a heartfelt note by hand. It’s that effort to go the extra mile for another person that made them your Life Changer in the first place. The least we can do is extend ourselves a little bit more than usual to show them we appreciate it.

Why should I do this?

There are so many good reasons to start your own Life Changers Project. It’s a way to show gratitude. It reminds the Life Changer that their efforts mattered and that you are better for knowing them. It helps to rekindle old friendships. It serves to strengthen relationships. The question, really, shouldn’t be “why should I do this?” The question to ask instead is “why shouldn’t I do this?”

Who can my Life Changers be?

Anyone you want. Any person who has been a source of positive in your life — at any point, and to any degree — is a potential Life Changer. For most of us these tend to be: parents/family, friends, teachers, coaches, mentors, doctors, religious leaders, community members, etc. For more help uncovering your Life Changers, download our Life Changers Project Launch Guide.

How many Life Changers can I have?

As many or as few as you’d like.

How do I determine who my Life Changers are?

What qualifies a person as a “Life Changer” in your life is entirely up to you. For some, that designation might be reserved for only the 2-3 most influential people in their life. Others might identify hundreds of individuals and the smaller things each have done to shape them. The best advice is to start with your biggest, most influential Life Changers and go from there. For more help determining who should be on your Life Changers list, download our Life Changers Project Launch Guide.

What if I don’t know how to contact my Life Changer?

There will be some Life Changers who are off the grid — either you can’t find them on social media or you no longer have a good phone number or address for them. Do your best to track them down. It’s much more impactful if you can send the letter to them directly, but if you have exhausted all options and still can’t find them, write the letter anyway. Write it just like you would have, then instead of mailing it, put it away somewhere. Maybe they’ll resurface someday. And if they don’t, that’s okay too. The act of writing the letter will still be worthwhile to you.

What if my Life Changer is deceased?

Write the letter anyway. Regardless of your personal beliefs of the existence or lack of an afterlife, writing the letter will be cathartic for you. If they qualify as someone you consider to be one of your Life Changers, then you should write the letter. You’ll be glad you did. What you do with it after is up to you. You can keep it, burn it, leave it at the cemetery, send it to their family or, if you don’t want to do any of those things, fill out our contact form and we’ll tell you how to send it to us.

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