Here’s How to Get Started

A Life Changers Project is not for everyone. It asks that you be honest and open with the most influential people in your life. It requires a vulnerability that not everyone is comfortable with. A successful Life Changers Project is a commitment, but one that is more than worth it. So, what do you say? Are you ready to cause some good?

find your life changers

Step 1: List Your Life Changers

The people – and the moments – who’ve made you you

There are people who create moments which dramatically change the course of our lives for the better. They are our Life Changers. The goal now is to acknowledge and express gratitude for their role in our success. Make a list of the people and moments that have impacted you most. Remember, no Life Changer is too insignificant.

Step 2: Write Them Letters

Make them personal, handwritten, and honest

You’ve identified the individuals who have impacted your life for the better. Now it’s time to tell them so. We want the letters to be as personal as possible, so it’s important they be handwritten. So, pull out your pen and pad and let each Life Changer know how they’ve impacted your life. How many (or few) letters you write, and how long (or short) they are is entirely up to you.

write your life changers letters
your life changers write their own letters

Step 3: Ask Them To Start Their Own

Keep the Life Changers movement going 

There’s a good chance your Life Changers will be moved when they receive your letter to them. It’s not every day we are told how big an impact we’ve made in someone else’s life. Hopefully it inspires them to reach out to their own Life Changers. Help the ripple of goodwill continue on by sharing the basics of the Life Changers Project and telling them how they can start a project of their own.

Life Changers Project Launch Guide Cover - transparent small

When you download the guide you’ll discover:

– The 4 attributes of a Life Changer
– The 9 different roles Life Changers play
– Why everyone should plot their own Life Graph
– 10 questions to ask when determining your Life Changers
– 5 key principles all Life Changer Letters should include
– 4 things no Life Changer Letter should ever include
– And more!

You’ll also get:

– A blank Life Graph
– Life Changers Project info cards to print and include in your letters

Your Life Changers Are Waiting…